• Some questions with our founder, Miss Joanna, that makes us closer......

    Question: Why did you establish Asteroidolf?

    Firstly, I noticed that the consumer base in the Chinese golf industry is gradually becoming younger and more diversified. However, the choices provided by brands in the industry are very limited. I hope to bring more products that combine design and aesthetics to young people. Secondly, with the upgrading of consumption, consumers have higher requirements for the functionality, comfort, and design of travel clothing. I believe there is still a blue ocean to be explored in the golf apparel industry.

    Question: What is the meaning behind the name Asteroidolf?

    Asteroidolf is a combination of "Asteroid" and "Golf". In my perception, both asteroids and golf balls are independent entities, much like planets in the universe. Each Roider of Asteroidolf is like a shining star, and through Asteroidolf, we connect these points to form lines and connect the lines to form surfaces, creating a brilliant galaxy. I hope Asteroidolf can bring the feeling of independent radiance to girls who love playing golf. Our clothing design style has no major limitations and can meet the tastes of delicate women of different ages. I hope everyone likes this new exploration and interpretation of golf apparel.

    Question: Asteroidolf currently focuses on designing women's clothing. Can you briefly talk about your understanding of the "Her Power, Her Era" concept?

    Modern women are no longer confined to the home but are increasingly involved in various fields of social work. As women, we have learned to play multiple roles. While taking on life responsibilities, we also demonstrate excellent social abilities. "Her Power" is very strong, gentle yet firm, with a unique attitude and perspective, much like the geological imprints on the surface of planets, unique and beautiful. Besides the deep-seated reasons, it is also reflected in superficial image. More and more women are beginning to focus their consumption on "self-enjoyment" and are learning to love themselves. Asteroidolf hopes that women, while caring for others, can also learn to pay more attention to themselves, showcase their unique charm, become trusted individuals, and learn to be confident in being themselves.